2 Day Back Blasting Routine

2 Day Back Blasting Routine

The back is one of those muscle groups that many people tend to skip training because they think it does not affect how they look or their performance.

Let me tell you a little secret… The back is one of the most important parts you can train for aesthetics and performance.

This 2 day back blasting routine is going to give you the tools to make a back that commands respect.

Diet Tips

Running this routine along side of your weight loss goals will be the most beneficial to you.

This workout is hard, but will reward you with strength, power, and a sexy toned back.

Running this routine in a calorie deficit will be a fun challenge, it will test your abilities but reward you when you stick with it.

Here are some tips I feel will help you get through this routine while maintaining your weight loss goals:

  • Caffeine – Stimulants help keep you going when there is not enough food to keep you energized. Coffee with milk and some protein powder will do wonders.
  • Cut back on soda – In the beginning you may notice headaches and slight withdrawal effects. Combat this with drinking coffee and you will be able to transition to water and other healthy beverages with ease.
  • Don’t just eat salad – I admit I do not have as many nutrition articles as I want on here, and they are coming. Instead of eating a bunch of salad, check out these 30 best foods for weight loss.

This is a lifestyle, not a quick fix; don’t expect instant results and change bad habits to good ones!

2 Day Back Blasting Routine

I told you earlier this routine will be tough but sticking through it and getting stronger will make life easier with the extra strength and make you more confident when you see how amazing your back looks.

Sample Schedule

This routine could replace your current back routine in whatever workout you are using or you can use it as its own day.

If you are running this routine on its own day, I recommend running this routine twice per week.

  • Monday – Off
  • Tuesday – Day 1
  • Wednesday – Off
  • Thursday – Day 2
  • Friday – Off
  • Saturday – Off
  • Sunday – Off


Most magazine workouts and other blogs don’t seem to push the importance for progression.

This means that you strive to either add reps to a workout, or add weight.

Every time you go to the gym I want you to know the weight you are going to use each set and how many reps you are going to try.

Use a workout log to track your progress and give yourself a valuable tool to see what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t be afraid to work hard and put some weight on those workouts.

The Workout

Workout A
Exercise Sets Reps
Deadlifts 3 5
Bent Over Barbell Row 5 5
Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs 3 8
Seated Close Grip Cable Rows 3 5
1 Arm Dumbbell Row 3 5
Bent Over Laterals 3 8
Chin Ups 2 AMAP


Workout B
Exercise Sets Reps
Romanian Deadlifts 3 8
Bent Over Barbell Row 3 12
Close Grip Lat Pull Downs 2 15
Seated Wide Grip Cable Rows 3 15
1 Arm Dumbbell Row 3 15
Bent Over Laterals 3 20
Pull Ups 2 AMAP


Workout Tips

Chin Ups – If you cannot do unassisted chin ups, don’t fret! Use the assisted  chin up machine. If you do not have either, do “seated chin ups” on the lat pull down machine.

AMAP – As many as possible. I want you to do as many as you can for each set. This is called a burn-out set.

Form – Always keep proper form. If you’ve never done an exercise before, practice and study to learn the form. Once you learn how to do the exercise, you can start using more weight.


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  1. Hey, you should know that both workouts here are identical and are labeled “Workout A”. Is this right or is it a mistake? Please post Workout B if there is one.

    1. Thank you for letting me know about this. I’ve been having issues with articles reverting back to an older draft and I thought I got them all.

      I’ve updated to the article I originally intended on publishing.

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