Tummy Exercises

50 Tummy Exercises You Should Be Doing

Everybody wants a flat tummy but not everyone knows how to get one.

Quit following the fads and learn how to really get a flat stomach.

50 Tummy Exercises

Check out the most effective tummy exercises that you should be doing.

1.) Ab Roll Outs

Ab roll outs are tough and done correctly they are extremely effective.

Check out different ab roll out equipment to see what one you like.

2.) Ab Tilts

Great exercise to target the obliques.

3.) Bicycle Crunches

Act like you are riding a bicycle while laying down.

This is a great exercise that also can double as cardio.

4.) Body Weight Squats

Squat as low as you can using just your body weight.

Great for core strength, stability, and conditioning.

5.) Burpees

Burpees are a great full body exercise and really targets your tummy.

[youtube id=”JZQA08SlJnM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

6.) Cable Crunches

Cable crunches are a great way to add or decrease resistance on your crunches.

Great for beginners who have weaker abs.

7.) Cable Side Bends

Target your obliques with this great exercise.

8.) Crunches

Good old-fashioned crunches are tried and true.

9.) Crunch Twists

Crunches with a twist at the top.

Great for all around ab strength and great to get a flat tummy.

10) Decline Sit Ups

Find a sit up bench that is adjustable or lay on a decline bench press bench.

These are rough, but no cheating!

11.) Elbow Plank

Do a regular plank but on your elbow instead.

Great for stability and core strength.

12.) Elevated Leg Crunches

Elevate your legs and do crunches.

Extremely hard to do reps but well worth the energy.

13.) Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks are another hard exercise that really puts a strain on your abs.

The harder you can kick the better results you will have.

14.) Goblet Squats

Go deep and go heavy!

Goblet squats are great for your core and help tone your butt and legs too!

15.) Hanging Knee Raise

Either hold a pull up bar and raise your knees up to your chest or use the ab chair to hang from.

16.) Heel Touches

Lay on the ground with your legs bent and your feet flat on the ground.

Reach for your heels and work those obliques.

17.) Hill Climbers

Hill climbers are amazing for your core and will tone your butt in no time.

18.) Jumping Jacks

You wouldn’t think that jumping jacks are great for your core but trust me.

19.) Knee Crunches

Like a hanging knee raise except lying down.

Bring your knees up to your chest and feel the contraction.

20.) Knee Raises

These are great for your lower abs.

21.) Leg Pull Ins

Another amazing workout for your core and lower abs.

You will be sore after you do these.

22.) Long Arm Crunches

Crunches with your arms fully extended out really adds extra resistance.

23.) Medicine Ball Sit Ups

This exercise is great for stability.

Feel the stretch and get a strong contraction.

24.) Medicine Ball Throw Downs

Throw the medicine ball straight down as hard as you can.

This will make you more powerful and shrink your tummy fast.

25.) Medicine Ball Twists

In a sit up position, hold a medicine ball and twist side to side.

This will do wonders for your love handles.

26.) Planks

Good old-fashioned planks will give you strength and stability in your core and burn that tummy fataway.

27.) Plank Arm Reaches

Plank position and then reach one arm straight out.

More stability and an amazing burn will come from this exercise.

28.) Push Ups with Rotation

This is a complete core burner.

If you add these to your routine, you are going to see some great progress.

29.) Reverse Crunch

Like a lying knee raise but try to get your knees up to your face.

Your butt will raise up and you will really feel your abs.

30.) Russian Twist

[youtube id=”4DYuSXvpu0g” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Dominate your love handles with this exercise.

31.) Side Bends

Side bends are great for stability and core strength.

32.) Side Crunches

Great exercise to burn off that tummy fat and get into shape!

33.) Side Impacts

Amazing workout that can be used as cardio and tummy work.

34.) Side Planks

This exercise is difficult to master but once you do, you will be well on your way to a thinner waist.

35.) Sit Ups

Sit ups with a healthy diet will surely get your waist line in check.

36.) Sit Up Stomach Holds

A static hold on the top of your sit up will really burn up your abs.

This is a wonderful exercise.

37.) Squats

Squats are a full body exercise.

Using a barbell and weight will give your core a run for its money.

38.) Standing  Front Kicks

A great way to vent some frustration and burn tummy fat at the same time.

39.) Stomach Scissors

One of my favorite exercises.

They are challenging but fun!

40.) Swiss Ball Crunches

Swiss balls can add difficulty to any exercise.

Feel the stretch and contraction with this one.

41.) Swiss Ball Planks

Planks on a swiss ball are going to be so tough but will give you abs of steel.

42.) Swiss Ball Sit Ups

Sit ups with the added benefit of stability.

43.) “The Six Inches”

Lay on your back and hold your feet up six inches off of the ground.

Hold for as long as you can.

44.) Tricep Dips

Tricep dips will work your arms and abs at the same time.

45.) Tummy Vacuums

Tummy vacuums can be done anywhere and are extremely effective.

46.) V Crunches

Your obliques will hate you but you will love the results.

47.) Vertical Leg Crunches

Laying on your back with your legs against a wall or pointing them straight up, do crunches.

This is one of the most difficult exercises for me to do.

48.) Wall Sits

Burn your legs, butt, and core up with this exercise.

49.) Weighted Crunches

If you are able to do endless crunches, add weight!

50.) Weighted Sit Ups

If you are able to do endless sit ups, add weight!

Tummy Exercises Workout

This workout is a little bit different than my other workouts I offer because you get to pick the exercises.

Every day I want you to pick 5 different tummy exercises and do 3 sets of 20.

If you choose planks, I want you to do 3 sets of as long as possible.

Be sure to pick a variety of exercises to make things interesting and help you burn the tummy fat.

Workout Tips

  • Swap out your sodas for water. This will boost your metabolism and cut calories at the same time.
  • Make gradual changes in your diet. Eating a large sweet potato is much better for you than some french fries.
  • If you can’t do 20 reps per set, write down how many of what exercise you’ve done and strive to get better.

Having a nice midsection won’t come easy, but these tummy exercises should help you achieve your goal.

Remember, you can’t out exercise a poor diet!

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