WOTW: Bodyweight Exercise Routine to Lose Fat and Improve Muscle Tone

For this workout of the week, this is a bodyweight exercise routine that can be done anywhere, even if you have a busy day.

This is a great circuit you should complete at least 2 times when exercising. It will be challenging but I think with some practice you will be able to do more circuits easy.

Fat Loss and Toning Circuit
Exercise Reps
Bodyweight Lunges 12
Push Ups 10
Sit Ups 10
Squat Jumps 12
Dips 10
Side Plank 30 Seconds
Bodyweight Squats 12
Hand Walk Outs 10
Twisting Crunches 10
Wall Squat 30 Seconds
Curls w/ Object 12
Plank 30 Seconds

Exercise Tips

Bodyweight Lunges: Step forward with one leg and complete the lunge and do the same with the other leg. This counts as one rep.

Push Ups: Push ups are great for core strength and toning your arms and chest. If you have a hard time doing push ups, try them on your knees.

Sit Ups: Sit ups can be difficult, so find yourself a good place to secure your feet and really squeeze your ab muscles!

Squat Jumps: These are great for your legs and help you create some power for everyday life. Do a bodyweight squat and power up through the squat and jump as high as you can.

Dips: Find something sturdy to use and place your hands behind you on the edge of it. Extend your legs straight in front of you and use only your arms to lower and raise your body.

Side Plank: This plank variation is tricky, if you have trouble balancing try to do this near a wall so you can use your free hand to help keep you steady.

Bodyweight Squats: Start with your feet about shoulder width and slightly turn your toes out. Squat down as low as you can and come back up. This should feel natural so play with feet width and placement until you find a way to comfortably do it.

Hand Walk Outs: This is kind of like using an ab roll out wheel except with your hands. The trick is to bend down and have your hands close to your feet, walk your hands out into a push up position and back to your feet. This will be hard.

Twisting Crunches: Simple and effective alternative to a regular crunch. Every time you do a crunch, twist to one side. If you want an added burn, twist to both sides per crunch.

Wall Squat: Find a position that is comfortable like you have on bodyweight squats. Now you will lean against a wall and have your thighs parallel to the ground and hold for 30 seconds.

Curls with Object: Not a bodyweight exercise, but find something that you can do 12 reps and be challenged.

Planks: Get in a push up position and stay in this position for the 30 seconds. This is a great core and arm exercise.


If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below. Be sure to share these workouts with your friends. As a bonus, challenge them to see who can improve performance the most over 1 month!

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