Circuit Training Workout for Women: Bodyweight Calorie Burning Workout

For this workout of the week, this is a bodyweight exercise routine that can be done anywhere, even if you have a busy day.

This is a great circuit you should complete at least 2 times when exercising. It will be challenging but I think with some practice you will be able to do more circuits easy.

Bodyweight Calorie Burning Circuit
Exercise Reps
Run in Place 30 Seconds
Push Ups 10
Jumping Jacks 30 Seconds
Sit Ups 10
Run in Place 30 Seconds
Plank 30 Seconds
Jumping Jacks 30 Seconds
Bodyweight Squats 10


For this routine strive to do 3 circuits and work towards a goal of doing this under 18 minutes. This is a great calorie burning exercise that will help energize you throughout the day.

The bodyweight exercises will get easier as you go, if you cannot complete all of the reps in an exercise, do as many as you can and move on to the next exercise.

The goal here is to burn calories and not needing to go to the gym and kill yourself for hours!


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