WOTW: Super Set Arm Workout

For this workout of the week, work this routine into  your current workout.

Super sets are where you do two exercises with little to no rest in between them. They are usually working opposite muscles so on this particular routine, you will be working biceps and triceps.

Arm Super Set Routine
Exercise Reps
Hammer Curls 12
Tricep Extensions 12
Barbell Curls 12
Dips 12


Exercise Tips

This particular exercise is set up more like a circuit in which you have 4 exercises to do and you want to do 3 circuits to get 3 sets in the end of each exercise. If your gym is not set up to accommodate this without taking up too much equipment, super set Hammer Curls/Tricep Extensions for 3 sets each exercise, then Barbell Curls/Dips for 3 sets each exercise.

Hammer Curls: Use weight that is challenging, but don’t worry about going to failure.

Tricep Extensions: Quality reps without using a lot of body English is going to yield great results. Remember, if you need to tone up your arms, don’t cheat yourself.

Barbell Curls: If you are unable to curl with a straight barbell, try to use the EZ Curl bar. The EZ Curl bar is bent where your hands go so it won’t put so much pressure on your wrists and biceps. You will probably see a lot of guys using this bar.

Dips: If you cannot do bodyweight or weighted dips, try to do the assisted dip machine first. If your gym does not have the assisted dip machine, find a machine that simulates dips.


If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below. Be sure to share these workouts with your friends. As a bonus, challenge them to see who can improve performance the most over 1 month!

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