Weight Loss Motivation for Those Scared to Start

Weight Loss Motivation for Those Scared to Start

This article is going to be a short but sweet article that highlights a special person’s life. I will change their names and some circumstances but everything else will be the same.

When was the last time you looked in the mirror?

No, I mean really look in the mirror.

Are you unhappy with how you look? Do you constantly throughout the day have to adjust your clothes because you don’t like how they fit on you?

Maybe you are happy with your size but you aren’t happy because you have no muscle definition.

All of these (and more) happen to many, if not all of us… and it’s okay.

I have a friend that I will call Ashley.

Ashley was your average woman. She was in college, worked part-time, and liked to go hiking.

Despite her being active and hiking, she just wasn’t happy with her weight. She was a bit overweight and simply wasn’t comfortable in her skin.

She read articles and tried every fad diet that would get thrown at her in advertisements…but nothing worked.

Every time she was around food, she was uncomfortable and didn’t feel like she could be herself.

Then the day came…

One day Ashley woke up and stared at herself in the mirror. She realized that she’s spent all of this time thinking, planning, and trying to come up with “the perfect solution” to her problems.

She finally realized thinking doesn’t get you any closer to your goal… action does.

Ashley got hold of me and asked me what she should do that day. I told her to go to the gym and pick 5 different machines to exercise on and then walk for 10 minutes afterwards on the treadmill. I told her it did not matter what machines you pick, just go to the gym and exercise on 5 of them.

Later on in the day I received a message from Ashley that told me how amazing she felt and how she actually used 8 different machines. She felt the change already.

After that first day of action, Ashley was hooked. She asked what she should do next and I told her to go at least 3 times per week and pick 5 different machines or free weight exercises and complete them.

Once Ashley completed a week’s worth of exercising, she knew this was something that she wanted to stay doing. I saw it in her eyes that she was serious and she would run with whatever I tell her to try.

Since then she’s lost upwards of 80 pounds and is in the best shape of her life.

Why am I sharing this story?

Because I know there are so many people out there male and female that want to achieve their goals of losing weight, getting in shape, and not feeling so unhealthy.

All it takes is that first step to make a huge wave in your goals. If I had to go back and complete my journey again, I would have started before I “knew” anything. I wouldn’t have read countless articles and wasted months of time because I didn’t feel like I didn’t know enough.

Every day I want you to try to do something to better your life. Whether it’s a walk around the block, going to the gym and starting a workout, or get out there and enjoy activities like basketball or another sport you may enjoy.

Start being mindful of what you eat, keep the treats down to a minimum and start drinking water instead of calorie and sugar filled drinks.

If you start something today you are will start making healthier choices. Any time I have someone start working out in the morning, they make more sensible food choices the rest of the day.

The ball is in your court and simply trying will make a difference.

Leave a comment below what you have started doing to reach your goals!

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