18 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Heavy Weights

18 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Heavy Weights

Women don’t lift heavy weights for the fear of becoming “bulky” and thinking the way to get toned is to lift light weights.

I’m here to give you 18 reasons why women should lift heavy weights.

1.) Relieve Pain

Lifting heavy weights will get your body stronger.

The reason our bodies hurt is from weaknesses and muscle imbalances that occur from sitting all day.

Getting stronger is key to relieving pains and being able to enjoy life.

2.) Lower Cholesterol

While the actual mechanism why you lower your cholesterol is somewhat unknown, plenty of studies show that regular weight training will lower your cholesterol.

3.) Improve Cognitive Function

Studies show that strength training improves cognitive function.

This means strength training will help decrease your chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Many people comment they have more focus and creativity after they start to lift heavy weights.

4.) Stress Relief

After a good heavy weight lifting session, your body releases endorphins.

The same endorphins you get with a “runner’s high” is released after a weight training session.

It is also great to take out any anger or frustration out on the weights… It can be therapeutic.

5.) Increases Bone Density

Whenever I mention “increasing bone density” everyone automatically assumes that you are going to turn into the incredible hulk.

When you lift heavy, your bones become more dense and help fight osteoporosis.

6.) Better Balance

The stronger your body gets from lifting heavy weights, the better balance you have.

You have small muscles that are used to balance yourself which will get stronger and be able to hold your body up.

The more athletic you become, the more efficiently you will be able to use your body, which leads to better balance.

7.) Look Toned

Many women are afraid to lift heavy for the fear of “looking bulky” which is a complete and total misconception.

Lifting heavy will help you look toned and more sexy.

Don’t let the fear of getting stronger ruin your ability to reach your goals.

8.) Boost Metabolism

Your body goes into a recovery mode which elevates your metabolism.

Some scientists say that the metabolism can be boosted for up to 39 hours.

Lifting heavy matched with some high intensity interval training can help your fat loss get to the next level.

9.) Better Body Image

The harder you work to achieve your goals, the better and more confident you are going to feel.

Regardless of how you look, your mental attitude about your body image increases.

This will give you more motivation to keep working hard.

10.) Sleep Better

Since you are putting your body through rigorous weight training, your body will be more apt to “shut down” and let you sleep.

Better sleep means more focus and a better attitude throughout the day.

You will feel revitalized and well-rested once you start getting into a routine.

11.) Burn More Calories

Lifting heavy weights burns more calories than walking on a treadmill for hours.

Not only will you burn more calories doing the activity of weight training, but your metabolism stays boosted for up to 39 hours post-workout.

Don’t be afraid to get into the weight room and train hard if you want to lose weight.

12.) Breathe Easier

Pushing your body past its limits will make you stronger, tone up, and have much better conditioning.

Your improved conditioning will keep you from being out of breath after climbing stairs or any rigorous activity.

I try to emphasize going to the gym to improve conditioning rather than walk on a treadmill trying to lose weight.

13.) Run Faster

Along with improved conditioning, getting a stronger core and stronger legs will increase the speed in which  you run.

Once you are able to run faster you will be able to push your weight loss to the next level.

14.) Decrease Risk of Injury

Injury occurs for many reasons, but having a weak core and body is a major reason.

Many people injure their backs because they have a weak core or legs.

Your body compensates for the weak body parts which leads to you straining your back.

15.) Improve Mood

Once you start noticing a positive change in your body, you will enjoy having a good mood all of the time.

Just think how great it would be to make progress towards your new body, be able to live and enjoy life, and actually feel as great as you look.

16.) Lower Blood Pressure

Heavy weight training lowers your blood pressure.

Mix some healthy foods into the mix and you have yourself a recipe for success.

17.) Burn Belly Fat

Boosted metabolism, burning more calories longer, and getting a better quality of sleep are 3 things you will have in your toolbox for achieving your goals.

You will have the motivation to eat healthier since you feel healthier and will lead to burning that stubborn belly fat.

There is no magic “burn your belly fat” secrets other than good old-fashioned hard work.

18.) Reduced Risk of Diabetes

With all of the health benefits you’ve read about lifting heavy weights, it should be no surprise to you that you reduce the risk of diabetes.

Weight training will improve insulin sensitivity and improve your blood glucose control.


If I haven’t given you enough reasons to start lifting heavy weights, I would invite you to try it for just 1 month.

Go 4 weeks using a steady workout plan, push yourself past all of your limitations, eat healthy, and let me know how you feel at the end.


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