WOTW: Alternating Fat Burning Circuit for Women

For our first workout of the week, an alternating fat burning circuit is going to give you a great way to improve conditioning, tone up, and lose fat.

Diet is going to be the most important, limiting calories will help you lose weight. In order to increase the intensity, try to beat the amount of time it takes between each circuit, take less rest in between each workout and circuit, or do more circuits.

Workout Tips:

  • This workout should be done at least 2 days per week.
  • Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition!
  • Complete all workouts in the circuit before moving on to next circuit.
  • You should do a short and easy warmup such as walking or riding stationary bike.
  • This workout is best if separated by at least one day.
  • This workout can be done as often as every other day.
  • A short cool down after your workout is helpful with recovery such as stretching, foam rolling, cardio, or walking.
Workout A Circuit 1
Exercise Reps
Kettle Bell Squats 12
Crunches 20
Dumbbell Lunges 12
Kettle Bell Swings 20


Workout A Circuit 2
Exercise Reps
Lat Pull Downs 12
Leg Extensions 15
Dumbbell Curl 15
Machine Shoulder Press 12


Workout B Circuit 1
Exercise Reps
Push Ups 10
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 12
Plank 60 seconds
Tricep Extension 15


Workout B Circuit 2
Exercise Reps
Leg Curls 15
1 Arm Dumbbell Row 12
Step Ups 20
Reverse 45 Degree Hyper Extensions 15


This is called an alternating workout because you alternate from Workout A to Workout B so it does not matter how many times you can make it to the gym a week, you just do the next workout when you make it in next.

When doing these circuits, be sure to be safe and push yourself. The goal is to do each circuit twice. Once you are able to do each circuit twice, work on doing another circuit or doing the circuits faster for an added challenge.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below and be sure to share this article with friends as a challenge!

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