How to Tone Your Butt: An Exercise Routine that Actually Works

I get a lot of questions on the topic of toning your butt and how to go about doing it. Well this little routine I’m going to show you today you can use daily to help sculpt the booty you want or add into another full body routine.

If you decide to integrate this into another routine, be sure to get quality reps in and really feel your booty burn. Some of these exercises may take some practice before you’re able to do them right, so if your butt doesn’t burn after this workout you need to practice the exercises more.

Tone Your Butt Workout
Exercise Reps
Walking Lunges 20
Squats 30
Side Lunges 30
Glute Kickback 50
Burpees 10
Box Step Ups 20


Work up to being able to do this for 3 circuits.

Don’t cheat yourself by not doing the reps with good form or not doing complete reps. If the work is genuinely too hard, strive to hit the reps and amount of circuits shown.

As always, clean up your diet, drink plenty of water, and feel the byrn.

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3 thoughts on “How to Tone Your Butt: An Exercise Routine that Actually Works”

    1. Adding weights to any of the exercises would make them more effective, yes.

      That particular routine was written for someone who either doesn’t want to go to the gym to workout or they don’t feel comfortable using free weights. 🙂

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