Alternating Full Body Workout For Women

If you are looking through our workouts, you might notice there are a lot of full body routines.

Full body routines are fun and hard at the same time and they also let you stay away from the special body part and powerlifting splits that can be confusing.

What’s even better about this routine is it is alternating meaning each day you go there is another workout for you to do. If you cannot allocate a certain amount of time each week to training, you just use the next workout in line when you have a chance to go.

Workout A
Exercise Sets Reps
Squat 3 6
Bench Press 3 6
Dumbbell Rows 2 8
Upright Rows 2 8
Tricep Kickbacks 2 8


Workout B
Exercise Sets Reps
Dumbbell Deadlifts 3 8
Shoulder Press Machine 3 8
Lat Pull Downs 2 8
Dumbbell Flys 2 8
Dumbbell Curls 2 8

Workout Tips

For these workouts, pick a weight that will challenge you to complete the set. Once you feel comfortable in completing the sets with this weight, bump up the weight by 5 to 10 pounds and follow this process again.

Do cardio sparingly; no need to do cardio for hours. If you are wanting to tone up, start eating less and replace some of your foods with healthier choices and extra protein. Eating higher amounts of protein while in a calorie deficit will help you tone up instead of turn flabby.

Keep the rest in between sets as short as possible to keep your heart rate up and help burn extra calories.

If you want to do ab work on your off-days that is okay. Just remember you won’t get abs by doing crunches. Clean up your diet, work hard in the gym, and change your lifestyle.

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