Motivation to Lose Weight: What Drives YOU?

There’s something in everyone that drives us to accomplish our goals, but what exactly is it?

When you don’t fit into the clothes you would like to, or you are not as in shape as you want to be, you make a decision to accomplish that goal.

Motivation To Lose Weight: What Drives YOU?

This is going to be a short and sweet article to help spark weight loss motivation.

If you are reading this because you are stuck in a rut and feel like giving up, I want to ask you one thing:

Why did you start in the first place?

Think back to that day when something happened and you realized you had to do something to lose weight.

You probably felt embarrassed, scared, or even shameful. You also could have felt motivated, enthusiastic, or happy and wanted to create a better quality of life.

Whatever happened that day, you set in your mind that you were going to lose weight no matter what it takes.

Whenever you are feeling stuck in a rut or doubting your progress, remember why you started.

Some people respond to negative feelings and some people respond to positive feelings; either way use the reason you started to help cultivate motivation and start making progress on your goals.

What if I am afraid to set a goal?

I want you to write your goal down and carry it with you or write it in a notepad you see regularly.

I want you to obsess about this goal; picture in your head how amazing you will feel.

Live this goal out in your head and you will start to feel your motivation getting stronger.

Where do I start?

Start now.

Stop reading scientific results and elaborate diets before you even start.

Get off of your butt (after you read this article) and go walk for 10 minutes.

Studies show that habits are made in 21 days.

That means if you start walking every day for 10 minutes and build your way up to longer times, you will have created an extremely healthy habit.

Stop eating as much.

Quit listening to fad diets and friends who just throw out information they’ve heard on TV or from a friend; stop eating as much.

Keep eating what you normally do (for now) but eat less.

Even if you eat lunch out every day, cut your hamburger in half and save half of your french fries before you start eating.

This will save you money if you decide to eat the second half as left-overs, or you will start ordering less food and not waste it.

Drink more water.

It’s obvious that water is healthy and I’m not going to write an article emphasizing to drink a certain amount of water a day.

Try to replace a drink or two a day with a glass of water instead; you will be consuming fewer calories and your body will thank you.

Drinking 500 calories in iced tea, soda, or juice is easy to do; cutting these 500 calories out will make you lose roughly 1 pound a week.

You could lose 52 pounds in a year just from substituting water for those 500 calories a day.

Enjoy life.

Too many times I have people ask me what they should do for cardio.

Here’s my answer to anyone who asks me what they should do for cardio: Do what you enjoy.

If you like playing basketball or volleyball, play those sports.

If you like to hike, ride bicycles, or run, do that!

Cardio is not limited to the gym; you are losing weight and getting in better condition to enjoy your life… So go enjoy it!

Cultivate Motivation Daily

Every day you go to bed I want you to write your goals down and when you wake up I want you to write them again.

Cultivate motivation daily if you want to reach any goal.

Motivation comes and goes, it is up to you to keep the motivation up.


Drop a line below and let me know what drives YOU to reach your goals!

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