Get In Shape: Daily Full Body Home Workout

This is a fun little routine you can do daily to burn calories and get in shape. This is a full body workout and hits all of the trouble areas. Full Body Home Workout Exercise Reps Jumping Jacks 20 Push Ups 10 Wall Sit 1 Minute Knee Highs 30 Burpees 10 Crunches 10 Squats 15 … Read more

3 Day Machine Only Full Body Workout

Each gym has different equipment so the exercises listed might vary from the exercises your machines will do. I am writing this workout with a minimal gym in mind. Be sure to write down in a log the weights you use each session so each week you can add more weight to your sessions. Do … Read more

Do These Top 20 Ab Workouts for Women

Top 20 Ab Workouts for Women

Tired of doing endless crunches and situps with no results? Below are the top 20 ab workouts for women I recommend to build a flat and toned midsection. They are in no order of preference so read through them all and see what ones can be done. Some may involve equipment like weights or a … Read more

Tone Up: 30 Minute Commercial Challenge

“I don’t have the time to exercise” is something I hear almost daily. What if I told you that you have more time to exercise than you think? How many of us sit down to watch a favorite TV show or three and have to wait through boring commercials? There are usually 9 minutes worth … Read more