Product Review: Maca by NOW Supplements

Product Review: Maca by NOW Supplements

I’ve always said that you always need to educate yourself and learn new things daily. I’m a huge advocate of reading books, going to Udemy, and reading factual articles to learn. About 8 months ago I read about an ingredient called Maca and its use in herbal supplements. Once I confirmed it wasn’t one of … Read more

Product Review: Hottie by LeCheek Nutrition

Product Review: Hottie by LeCheek Nutrition

Aside from protein, pre-workouts have to be the most popular and talked about supplement among friends. “Which pre-workout are you taking?” “Have you heard about this new pre-workout?” To those who don’t regularly take a them, you hear all of the horror stories how people are supposedly being sent to the hospital, or how different … Read more

Product Review: NLA for Her Shred Her

Product Review: NLA for Her Shred Her

I recently added a “Product Review” section to our new menu because I wanted to start writing reviews for products that I’ve taken and had clients take. The goal here is to give you all my personal experience with these supplements and products so you don’t have to hope that a certain product is worth … Read more

Using Free Weights: How Much Is Too Much?

Using Free Weights

Using free weights is important if you want to create the body of your dreams. Machines help build muscle, but if you want to build a body that can perform as well as it looks, free weights is what you want to use. Benefits of using free weights: More muscle means more calories burned Reduces … Read more

6 Tips for Picking the Right Gym for You

Picking the Right Gym for You

Having such a variety of fitness clubs, gyms, and underground dungeons makes achieving your goals easier than ever. However, with so many choices it is difficult to make the first step and feeling confident in your choice. In this post I’m going to show you 6 tips that I recommend you use to find the … Read more

Train Smart: Don’t Kill Yourself In The Gym

Train Smart

With shirts and memes telling you to go “beast mode” in the gym, it’s no wonder people think you have to kill yourself in the gym to get results. But on the other hand, going into the gym and not breaking a sweat is not going to help you achieve any of your goals either. … Read more

Powerlifting For Women: What It Is Really Like

Robyn Pearce

The misconception that lifting heavy will make you bulky is a myth I want to get rid of. These pictures are just a few taken from the UPA Powerlifting Competition that took place out in Dubuque, Iowa. I was unable to make the meet so I did not take these pictures. Powerlifting for women is … Read more